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WebNiyom is the name of my web development company. It’s how I invoice clients and how I pay taxes. But it’s just me. Just a guy in Alabama trying to do work that matters—work I’m proud of. My attempt to choose the long-term over the short-term.

I want to be part of giving a voice to people doing interesting things. I build websites so people can use the web to spread their ideas. I mostly use Jekyll. I prefer static websites. If you have no idea what that means or how it’s different than the other options, it’s not overly important. The important thing is getting you online.

About Brad

It was the Marine Corps that taught me about computers. There were no computers in rural Alabama in the ’80s and ’90s. Or, at least, not at my house. I spent four years on active duty, in Japan and California, working on large email systems.

Brad in the server room
In the server room, circa 2002.

After leaving active duty I worked for a few government contractors. I was still working on those same email systems, just wearing a button-down shirt instead of cammies. I was staring down the expiration date of my GI Bill so I decided it was time to go back to school. I decided I’d go to university in Thailand, get a little international experience. And let’s be honest, things are way cheaper over there.

After university I got a job at a local web development company in Chiang Mai. I started building WordPress sites but quickly got interested in static generators. I found Jekyll and fell in love.

What Does Niyom Mean?

Niyom is a Thai word (นิยม), which depending on context, would translate to “popular” or “admired” or “to be fond of” or “to like”.

Why Thai language? I’ve spent half my adult life in Asia—eight years of that in Thailand. It’s difficult to come up with a decent English name these days that hasn’t been trademarked, so it’s great having a second language.

How Do You Pronounce Niyom?